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T&T Business Etiquette & Protocol Specialist Ltd, six (6) month Diploma in Event Management is Government Assisted (GATE), National Training Agency (NTA) Approved, Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) registered and is focused on the processes and techniques required to successfully deliver an event from planning to execution.

This diploma offers knowledge on the ‘How to’ of building an event from concept, planning and identifying the target audience to budgeting, equipment and facilities that is desirous to the client or event.

Event management is a balanced blend of business management, finance, creativity and design elements. Boasting a robust curriculum of 18 areas or modules that is relevant to the event industry. Some of these areas include: strategy, human resource, communication skills, financial skills, marketing, contracts, quotations, inventory and so much more.

Our aim is to equip our successful students with critical thinking capabilities, strong leadership proficiency, which can develop their coordinating abilities, better their communication competence while enhancing their attention to detail, and fostering excellent organizational expertise. 

Protocol And Etiquette Training

For more than ten (10) years, T&T Business Etiquette & Protocol institution has provided the highest level of Expertise and training to a diverse group of business professionals on Business Protocol and Etiquette and Professional image. With increased use of digital and social media in the global landscape, the business environment requires employees at all levels within an organization to interact with local and foreign, business and government officials. This necessititates a proper understanding of Protocol and Etiquette and the impact it has on organizations.

Our students range from employees at Private Corporations, Government Ministries and Agencies, University Students and Individuals - so wether you need to develop new competencies or would like to refresh and enhance your current knowledge, this in-depth training will improve and sharpen your skills. We provide expert instruction, coaching and practical exercises through out the Programme. 

Participants will also gain a broad understanding of functional business, Government, and international Protocol.

Leaders in Customer Service Strategy & Training

For over 45 years, Service Quality Institute has provided customer service training programmes and strategies to businesses all over the world. T&T Business Etiquette & Protocol Specialist Ltd is a proud partner for Service Quality Institute (SQI) of USA to deliver its “buffet” of Service Culture Programmes. 

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