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Registration CentreAddressContact InfoTTconnect Arima1st Floor, Pennywise Building 10-10A Devenish Street, Arima(868) 667-4465(868) 800-8826, option 1TTconnect Bon AccordMilford Court Complex, Milford Road, Bon Accord(868) 639-0430(868) 800-8826, option 2TTconnect Chaguanas#9 Southern Main Road, Chaguanas (opposite Massy Stores)(868) 800-8826, option 3MTEST O.N.E - Gulf City Mall Gulf View Link Road, La Romaine(868) 225-7683(868) 225-7679TTconnect Sangre Grande#232 Brierley Street, Sangre Grande(868) 800-8826, ext, 3014, 3115, 3135, 32335TTconnect St. James#121 Western Main Road St James(868) 800-8826, option 5TTconnect TunapunaMinistry of Social Development Building 2nd Floor, 107 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna(868) 622-6447(868) 800-8826, option 6TTconnct Princess Town#4 Charlotte Street, Princes Town(868) 800=8826, option 4
To register for Government Assistance the following are required:Trinidad and Tobago Electronic Birth Paper (or equivalent for persons born elsewhere or adopted)National ID or PassportValid Email  address that is checked regularlyValid telephone contact numberStudents are required to first register for the GATE eService, at the advertised centers before filling an Application where students will receive a GATE ID number. This GATE ID number should be presented on the day of Registration. 
The Event Management Diploma is a Government Assisted Programme (GATE) which funds up to 100% tuition of the Diploma Programme. If you cannot access GATE  the cost of the Event Management Diploma without Government Assistance will be $16,500.
Pre-requisite to qualify for Government Assistance (GATE)Must be a National or Citizen of Trinidad & Tobago.Must have resided in Trinidad & Tobago for at least five (5) years. Must NOT be enrolled in any in any other state funded programme .Must NOT have been GATE funded previously for anything higher than a professional Certificate.Must be under the age of 50